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About us

We’ve been designing interactive kiosks for over 10 years. From windows computer to the latest iPad, we’ve created kiosks for variety of systems.

As a complete solution provider specialized in the healthcare industry, we’ve developed both hardware and software for thousands  of customers hence flexibility in design of hardware or software is our strength since we have our own manufacturing company and not just an OEM which makes cost very reasonable and under control. 

Ledabour iPad kiosk line are ADA, HIPAA compliant and is designed specifically to meet eCW Check-in software features such as Credit Card Readers and Card scanning. Our Kiosk It is the perfect solution for Patient check-in and comes with everything needed to fully utilize eCW software features. The kiosk comes with a standard 1-year warranty.

The iPad has been a game-changer in the kiosk industry, drastically cutting the costs of touchscreen kiosks, it’s also brought a number of new companies without previous experience in  kiosk design and manufacturing for Health care to the table. 

Our partnership with different companies and different industries and a company  like eCW and deployment of thousands of kiosk enclosures out there with full customer satisfaction and support speaks volume on our work ethics and how we stand behind our products .



1900 West Park Drive, Suite 280

Westborough, MA 01581
(508) 386-9687